New Mentor

I would like to give a warm welcome to Brian Hall GW0EDC who has volunteered to give up some of his busy time to help out with our Mentoring Scheme in North Wales & Cheshire. Brian is an Ex Royal Navy. man and boy and been a Morse lover for 53 years, former senior examiner for the RSGB. He has been successful in teaching Morse to both groups and individuals.

The Morse Crusade is actively seeking new Mentors who are willing to give up a little of their time to help learners in their area, If you would like to add your name to the Morse Mentors Directory then please contact me. If we can help one learner become a good Morse Operator then we are happy because the Morse Crusade is achieving its aims.

How to Mentor a Morse Student

If someone asks you to help them with their Morse and you accept then you automatically become a Morse Mentor for that person and they become the student. Morse teachers and Morse tutors are now outdated because the availability of good training software and students can train at home on their own computer. A Morse Mentor GUIDES a student through the learning process and if it is done properly then they have a VERY HAPPY good Morse Operator at the end of the process. Continue reading

Morse Training Group

I have started a Morse Training Group at The Lincoln Short Wave Club which is not related to Morse Classes but up to the individuals to do most of their training at home on their computer with mentoring when needed. I have found out, having mentored some students by email that their is no restriction by location and I am willing to mentor students by email if asked to.

If you are having any problems learning Morse code then use the contact form on this website and tell me what your problems are and I am sure I can sort it out for you.

Morse Mentors

I am pleased to announce that Jeremy GW3VOL has contacted me, offering to be a Morse Mentor in the South Wales Cardiff & valleys area. You can contact him through if you require any help in that area.

We need more Morse Mentors in all areas and if you are an experienced operator and willing to give a little of your time to help others them please contact the Morse Crusade