CWCOM – A program to communicate using Morse Code over the internet

CWCOM is a program, written about 15-20 years ago, but is still working today. Although not supported by the original author it has been taken over by Gerry and more information can be found at his blog MorsePower

It is an excellent program for those Radio Amateurs, who, because of local housing restrictions on antenna`s, cannot use the radio for their hobby, to practice and enjoy communicating in Morse.

From Gerry:-

“I write to you, to let you know about CWCOM… a program for chat
style qso`s using morse, and the internet as the “go-between”… It is
ideal for “learners” and those who wish to improve their skills and
their “confidence on the key”.. before getting scared to death when
someone calls them from a cq call on h.f. ! ! .

All the information on my blogsite, has been drawn from my experiences
using CWCOM for the past 5 years or more. I was originally trained as
a Wireless Telegraphist in the Royal Navy, from 1960 to 1972.

Anyone can use CWCOM …. no licence required… no registration. …
no login/password. No big rig… no antenna field ! .. so ideal for
those who want to “get out” in morse, who have no facilities e.g
hospital/care home/restricted accomodation etc.
I am not the author of CWCOM, he has stopped supporting the original
website which is why I started my blogsite, with his

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