This page is for computer software that is useful for learning Morse code and if you know of any similar software that should be listed in this section, then please contact me.

Microsoft Windows:

Koch Method CW Trainer This freeware software was written by Ray G4FON and is not only an excellent program for the learner but also as an aid to improve receive proficiency for the experience Morse operator. It is widely acclaimed worldwide and easy to use.

The good points of this program are the ability to add QRM, QRN, and QSB at different levels and you can make it sound like you are working on the bands.

The morse speeds are adjustable and suitable for the Koch Method but are slightly limited and their is no option for using the keyboard to copy the Morse.

Just Learn Morse Code Just Learn Morse Code is free for personal, non-commercial hobby use, although you are encouraged to contribute when you find the program helpful.

This program is set up for using the Koch Method with Morse speeds full adjustable you will have to enter the options menu to enable it to send random 5 character groups but this is not a problem.

You can use the keyboard for copying Morse and at the end of each lesson, it will give you a very comprehensive report on you copying.

This program is basically for learning to receive Morse and you cannot add in any variables like you can on the G4FON program.

MRX Morse Code This shareware program is no longer supported and though his other online program CWCOM though not supported by him has been taken up by Gerry an Ex Naval Morse Op and can be found here

Supa Tuta Commercial Software is written by Derek G4UXD available for £10 GBP. You can have “QSO” format and any other format you want, 100% Menu-driven, user-friendly and easy to use. Designed for Morse and computer beginners and experts alike! This is a very sophisticated and powerful program designed and written for radio amateurs by radio amateurs who are also professional teachers. Contains every facility for anyone to learn Morse *fast* and have fun at the same time! UK, USA or wherever you like. Lends itself to any method of learning, including the Koch method and runs under all versions of Windows and DOS

Apple Mac:

Morse Mania This is commercial software for the Apple Mac and uses the Koch Method but I have been unable to review it. You can download a free trial to see if it suits your needs.


Ham Morse This is commercial software for the iPhone and has very good reviews. I am unable to review the program myself.


Morse Trainer for Andriod I have reviewed this on the Morse Crusade if you follow the link.