How to Mentor a Morse Student

If someone asks you to help them with their Morse and you accept then you automatically become a Morse Mentor for that person and they become the student. Morse teachers and Morse tutors are now outdated because the availability of good training software and students can train at home on their own computer. A Morse Mentor GUIDES a student through the learning process and if it is done properly then they have a VERY HAPPY good Morse Operator at the end of the process.

Being a Morse Mentor you have to be enthusiastic about Morse and to listen to the student and assess their Morse Aptitude and their Morse proficiency if they already know Morse.

If the student has had problems trying to increase their proficiency from 12wpm or below then the only way for the student to progress is to start again from the beginning using the Koch Method. This may seem very drastic measures for the student but it is a must and the student will have surprising results very quickly if they already know the Morse code. The main point of this exercise is to teach the student to the level of Instant Recognition which tends to happen when the speed of the Morse reaches 15wpm and above.

I personally took on a student who was stuck at 7wpm and within 2 weeks he was up to 12wpm

You must be able to encourage the student in a friendly way with their learning and to change the learning plans if the student is having difficulty and to make sure the student is not putting themselves under pressure to learn to the point of causing themselves stress. Emphasize that  this is a hobby and they should enjoy learning Morse and if they are relaxed they will learn Morse quicker.

If you would like your name to be put on the Directory of Mentors then please contact me.

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