Starting Out

Learning Morse code is not easy as it requires 7 days a week dedication of at least half an hour a day training to be able to master it. (If you are thinking of doing it part time you will  be unable to achieve any proficiency so you would just be wasting your time.) If you watch with envy at an experienced operator rattling away at 20 wpm just remember that they went through the same learning processes when they started learning Morse but stuck with it to achieve their present proficiency.

This article is to make the learning process easier for you, pointing out things that you should avoid as some things can be detrimental to the learning process. To show you ways of learning the elusive code in a relaxed and enjoyable manner. There are a lot of Morse trainers that have not researched the learning process properly, although they struggled using bad learning practices to gain their own proficiency they think that was the best way to learn because they know no other way so they teach their students the hard way.

I don’t consider myself an expert, but I was professionally taught Morse in 1965 and have noted bad practices and seen the result of them over the years. I have researched and assessed different ways of training and with today’s technology I have come to the conclusion that the best way to learn is at home on your computer using the Koch Method. Having a good Morse Mentor also helps in the learning process as he can guide you through any difficulties you may incur. (If you contact me then I am willing to Mentor you by email which I have proved to be very successful.)

To stop you reaching out for things that would be detrimental to your learning process, please read the following article on “Bad Practices” and to give you hints and tips which will help you writing down Morse read “Putting Pen to Paper“. Then you can learn about using the Koch Method which has proved to be the best way to learn from home. Finally download “Just Learn Morse Code” and set it up on your computer and you are on your way to being a good CW Op as it only takes patience and dedication. If you need someone to Mentor you then I am only an email away.