Bad Practices

This section covers bad learning practices that can be detrimental to the student when learning, or trying to increase their proficiency with Morse.

Cue Cards: At the start they may seem beneficial, but only to about 10wpm. Later the student will find that they have to un-learn them to increase their Morse proficiency.
Morse is an Audio skill and should be learned as a language and any sort of visual cues will only hold the student back.

Slow Character Speeds: Using slow character speeds when learning will only cause the student to split the character into dots and dashes which they will start counting in their head. This will certainly impair their proficiency and they will not be able to exceed 10wpm without a lot of hard work. Faster character speeds stops this happening because they learn the sound of the character and will not try and split it up.

Slow Morse: Although a method used by a lot of Morse Trainers and by learning that way you will eventually after a long time reach a decent proficiency, there are other ways of learning that will get you more quickly to a reasonable proficiency.

Morse Readers: Although they do have there uses they are no good if you are learning to read as they are a visual distraction if you are trying to learn Morse.