Message From Barry G3JGO

I was helped to learn Morse by G3GCU an ex Bomber Command RO
about 1952. I well remember him saying that slow, machine accurate
Morse is NOT the way, one has to learn letters at say 12-15 wpm from
day one, with big gaps to keep the WPM down to what you can handle.
Like the phrase “six teenagers” which gives three different meanings
if said too slowly, as the brain tries to interpret what it has
already got.

Regarding tried and tested methods, I once heard of someone who had
“always” taken the hot ashes out in a bucket. On day his son-in-law
bought him a polythene bucket !!!!! He blamed the son-in-law, not the

Barry  G3JGO

Thanks Barry the more messages and comments we get the better for the Crusade.

Still Counting?

Are you one of the Morse operators still suffering from the 5wpm Morse Test and finding difficulty progressing forward with your Morse speeds? I have listened to many sad stories about this and you have my sympathy. But there could be hope at the end of the tunnel if you are willing to retrain and begin to learn Morse as a language. I would suggest you read “So You Would Like to Learn the Secret of Morse”  and start again from the beginning.

I would like to say at this point I have no experience of this situation and would be very pleased if anyone that has been in this situation and overcome it please comment on this post and give your advice.

Slow Morse

Let’s get the the truth out and see where we progress. Do I like slow morse? NO! I like to work about 18wpm which I am comfortable with on my straight key. Do I think that I am better than the slow Morse operator? NO! everyone is equal and we all had to start somewhere. Do I try to show off with my fast Morse? NO! I was trained at 30wpm but I like to have a relaxed QSO at 18wpm with my straight key and I would have to use my paddle key for faster speeds which I really don’t bother with. It is like driving a car at 60mph or 100mph, what speed would you be more relaxed driving at and not be tired at the end of the journey. Would I work a slow Morse station? YES! I would like to think that I am giving encouragement to a slow Morse station and help them progress in increasing their speed. Continue reading

Redefining Slow Morse in Amateur Radio

This is my Nemesis and I have upset people in the past airing my views on the subject so lets go WORLD WIDE. My problem is that people do not listen properly to what I am saying, especially learners who do not really understand the principles of my views.   I love using Morse and actively encourage others to learn so that they can get the same enjoyment as I do using this mode of communication. The worst part is the people that actively teach slow Morse who refuse to listen to the damage that can be caused by their activities and set a potentially good Morse Operator back years. Continue reading