Would I Learn Morse Now?

I have a lot of admiration to those undertaking the challenge of learning Morse today as there is no specific reason for learning apart from being able to communicate long distances with low power.
Celebrating 50 years of using Morse this year, I ask myself one question. Would I undertake learning Morse if I was not professionally trained? My answer always is “I don’t know”.
When I was a 13 year old, I had dreams of becoming a Ships Radio Officer which never happened and aged 15 I bought my first Morse Key from the local electrical shop. Did I learn Morse? No! It was not until 1965 when I had turned 18 and joined the RAF that I was professionally taught Morse.
Having a good Morse aptitude I did not find it difficult to learn and after 10 months was up to 18wpm and passed out as a Leading Aircraftsman. Subsequent training and exams over the next 3 years brought my speed up to 30+wpm.
Spending years of being first a Morse Examiner and now a Morse Assessor for the RSGB, also mentoring people learning Morse, I know about the grief, frustration and dedication involved in learning the language which I never had.
It is very enjoyable using Morse on the bands and I get a lot of pleasure from it, I always encourage people to learn the language as it is a unique experience having a CW QSO. Would I undertake learning Morse if I was not professionally trained? My answer still is “I don’t know”, this is why a have a lot of admiration for those undertaking the challenge and I am willing to spend time helping them get the same enjoyment from Morse as I have.

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