Happy New Year

In less than 1 hour it will be 2014 and looking forward to the new year, starting with a talk I am doing about learning Morse, in February at RAF Waddington ARC, Lincoln to which everyone is welcome.

I finally got the pictures that was taken at the National Hamfest 2013 which I have added to the post and again thank Carl M0SER for supporting me as I could not have done it without him and also Martin G6BD for helping out with the Morse Tests. (I should actually say taking the Morse Tests with the help of Peter M0EJL)

Setting up the Morse Crusade Stand

Setting up the Morse Crusade Stand

It was a pleasure to meet the Fists Team at the National Hamfest and I hope they come back again in 2014

A call to look out for is the latest email student for the Morse Crusade HB9IIS Michel who has dusted off his paddle and getting back into CW. Good luck in 2014 and keep using the key.

If you need help with Morse, just contact me as it is free and painless and lets make 2014 a good CW year.

Happy New Year Everyone and Keep Pounding


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