Copying Skills

My New Years resolution was to be more proactive with the Morse Crusade and to try and revamp the website. I am keeping true to my resolution and have just published a new article “Putting Pen to Paper” which covers all the common faults that can happen when writing down Morse. Other articles are going to be revamped and new ones written so keep your eye on the blog to see what is happening. If anyone thinks about something they would like to see on the website then please contact me.

2 thoughts on “Copying Skills

  1. Hi Ian, have just been pointed in the direction of you website re Morse crusade..
    Looks excellent and I hope the support will continue to grow… Am trying to persuade a colleague of mine … G7TRM – Keith …. to have a go.. He was around the 12 wpm level just before access to HF was introduced, and of course that took away the concentration and determination to have a go…
    Btw done several tours at Digby and Butzweilerhof Etc before leaving Lincolnshire… Lovely site presentation… Best 73s Art G3XNE – K3XNE

    • Hi Art
      Thanks for the nice comments on the site. I joined the RAF to get out of Lincoln and see the World and ended up at 399SU :O(

      I have come to the conclusion that those that did the 12wpm test and never touched Morse again and would like to start again, need to start from the beginning again using the Koch method as they never attained 15wpm which is the point where Morse tends to stick as you have attained instant recognition.

      I hope you manage to convince Keith that it is a wonderful mode.

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