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The National Hamfest is upon us again and I am looking forward to seeing you there. I will be conducting the Morse Tests and although I haven’t got a stand for the Morse Crusade this year I will be available for a chat if anyone wants. I have other duties as Outside Trade Manager at the National Hamfest, but if anyone wants to find me, just go the the Hamfest Information Desk and they will contact me and I will come and find you or tell you where I am.

I like to chat to other people about how they have learned Morse, or about any problems they are having as this always gives me more information how people rate different ways of learning so please share your Morse experience with me.

While on this point of sharing experiences. I have a lot of visitors on this website who read the information they want without commenting on anything or sharing their experiences. Please share you experiences as it will help others on their journey through learning Morse properly.

Hope to speak to you at the National Hamfest 2012

73’s Ian G4XFC

2 thoughts on “Morse Tests & Morse Advice

  1. Hi Ian, I tried to find you at the HamFest, but the guys couldnt track you down. I would be very interested in discussing my own experience and position with you and am looking for some pointers…. Maybe you could drop me an email when you have some time?


  2. I am sorry that I missed you at the National Hamfest I was running about all over the place and a couple of times my speaker mike plug worked loose. I will certainly email you direct.

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