Limerick Radio Club Morse Practice Report

Our first session commenced in early November with a class compliment of eight. We started with single character sound recognition at a speed of around 14WPM. This procedure was continued for about three weeks when five letter groups were next introduced still at around 14WPM.

Each session was run from my laptop using the “Just Learn Morse Code” application. At this stage we had lost about four from the group due to difficulties with other commitments etc.

We continued with the once a week receiving practice. After week four we increased speed to 17WPM on occasions. We still kept the emphasis on receiving practice repeating the sessions in two minute blocks starting at the beginning with a speed of 14WPM and gradually increasing up to 17WPM.

From week five on we were receiving five letter groups, five number groups and now a selection of common words. Some difficulty was experienced when I mixed numbers with letters in the five group words.

By week seven we had now introduced some text receiving and some members were making very good progress while others were having to struggle more. It was becoming obvious that the semi automatic response with the ear was now starting to take place. The group were encouraged to keep up their receiving practice at home between the sessions.

To date we have just resumed our post Christmas practice and now we are also doing simple sending practice.

It must be stated most of the group had already been introduced to code at an earlier date and had not stayed with it and their skill had lapsed. However we still have a committed number who intend to stay with it. I introduced a sample of simple QSO between two stations and the group were encouraged to copy same. We intend to keep the practice sessions running for the next few weeks to improve competency. My goal would be to get some live QSO’s on the air and we hope to try that model this week. So that is a resume of how this project has progressed to date


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