Lets Have A Happy CW Year

Happy New Year and lets make our New Year resolution to help others achieve the same enjoyment we get from using CW.

I have had good news from Tom EI5CA about the Morse Class he started late last year and he has ended up with 5 students dedicated to learning Morse. Well Done Tom and hope you will share your experience with us.

I am giving a presentation using Microsoft Power Point at my own club in February which will then be the start of a club Morse Training Group for all levels of CW, I seem to have plenty of interest at the moment for it.

If anyone wants my Power Point presentation I will put a download on this site once I have polished it up.

I would like to hear from anyone else starting teaching Morse and how it worked out for them so either comment on this post or send me a message.

Keep pounding the pump handles and encourage others to learn how to do it in 2012

A Happy and Prosperous New Year to All