We are Evolving

When I started the Morse Crusade I knew I had to let it evolve because I was blinkered by being trained professionally using the Koch Method and wanted the opinion of others so that the website could evolve with an open mind.

I though that The Morse Crusade was going to be controversial like Darwin’s publication “The Natural Evolution of the Species” and it was going to be difficult to convince others about the pitfalls which can happen in learning Morse Code, however I have been proved wrong and very pleased with the positive comments I have had from everyone, so a big THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed to the Morse Crusade.

I received the message below today and thought that I need to put a “Guidance” section on this website. Before receiving this, I was going to point to other websites for information, but although there was good information out there, it was not complete.

I found difficulty in the Old Method. It’s good to know that you are going to put it right. And CW is gaining interest down here in Brisbane

73 Harry VK4DFG

So Harry you’re putting a lot of weight on my shoulders and making me put my head on the block, because I am going to write a guide on learning Morse with the good points and the bad points. I again would appreciate comments from others about their experiences so the guide can be as comprehensive as possible


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