Born out of Frustration

The Morse Crusaders was born out of the frustration of the 5wpm Morse tests and slow Morse initiated to help people get into Morse Code which is in reality proves to be detrimental to learner and leading to problems advancing to higher MorseĀ  speeds and in some cases giving up learning Morse altogether.

I am Ex Royal Air Force Special Operator Telegraphy with a Morse speed of 30wpm (receiving only) started using Morse in 1965 and was first licenced in amateur radio in 1983. I became a RSGB Morse Examiner soon afterwards and was the first to complain when the RSGB brought out the 5wpm Morse test for there new M5 licence. I am now a registered RSGB Morse Assessor and still getting frustrated with the powers that be about the 5wpm Morse test and slow Morse.

You may ask “WHY GET FRUSTRATED”, it is because I see a lot of operators seduced into learning slow Morse to get the 5wpm Morse test which is great to encourage new Morse operators, but I also see them later bogged down and unable to progress very far because of the way they had been taught Morse Code for the 5wpm Morse test and a lot giving up the struggle completely. I would prefer that they were taught properly and still do a modified 5wpm Morse test but also be able to progress without getting bogged down and achieving higher speeds.

So why The Morse Crusaders? My purpose is to get as many experienced Morse operators world wide on board and to change the way Morse is taught at slow speeds. Also to warn new learners about the pitfalls of slow character speeds and to give advice and direction into achieving a reasonable speed. I know that I would be unable achieve my aims as a one man band, but with help from others we may be able to achieve some changes.

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